Project Description

Surf Fanatics

Surf Fanatic is a leader among the online Surf & Action Sports e-tailors. As part the Team Fan Shop Group it represents over 50 Surf & Skate Brands with online sales. Having a background in surfing & professional skateboarding was not part of the job req but a huge plus with a  unique understanding of the brands and getting access, Creative contributions  included photography , UI/UX, copy for product descriptions, establishing a “voice” for the site ” I know your thinking Spicoli, uh no. ” and marketing, pitch stacks and email marketing assets.

Logo Design

Surf Fanatics


Surf Fanatics

Conceptual Design Samples

surf Fanatics
Van Dutch Ad
Element Print Ad

Skills Needed

Communication was essential to the success of this ambitious project. It would require several teams of developers, programmers and logistic partners to build the worlds biggest online surf shop. Agile Project Management was leveraged to assure transparency and Stakeholder awareness. Deliverable assets were staged in Git and Task-force.

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 92%
Branding 96%
Photography 98%
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Initial Concept Planning

The project was broken down to essentially 4 teams / sprints. Front-end and Back-end UI/UX | Integrations | Testing | Go Live. Each team had their own user stories and scrums. The planning stage represented approx 40% of the project leading to a very organized and well executed build.

Drafts & Revisions

Each sprint would end with a retrospective of the previous sprint. Members would share detailed user stories, review the burndown velocity and tasks artifacts as well as, planning of next sprint and breaking down of user stories to task.
Concurrently each brand would need to approve the display of their unique brand landing page and products, imagery and copy prior to the final release.

Final Delivery

A year of development, a team of over 20 members, 50 brands later we launched Surf Fanatic with huge success. Out of the gate sales goals exceeded expectations, User engagement was off the charts and yours truly was off to Hawaii for more pictures and surf. The rewards of hard work and great team members are plentiful.

Brand Relations

When on-boarding 30+ brands the importance of clear & timely communication was crucial to maintain each brands identity while also establishing Surf Fanatics’ brand having been a pro skater may have helped bridge the gaps with stakeholders and vendors as surfboards and boardrooms rarely face the same direction for Project Management and trusted teamwork Agile was key.

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Agile Projects

While some may debate the benefits of Agile / Scrum  project management this project would have been much more challenging without it. The impediments where massive and the goals even greater. Having a clear vision of where other teams and team members were at and tracking user stories worked exceptionally well to keep on schedule, deal with backlogs and keep stakeholders informed.